Five tantalizing tales of bizarre recycling

You recycle, I recycle (at least most of the time) and we think  we’re probably both fairly serious about recycling.  No, no we’re not.  We live in a world where they are extreme recyclers – folks who take it one step beyond.

To be honest, most of these are reusing, which is a step above recycling.  Even better.

Bomb Proof Recycling

London has recently installed a series of newspaper recycling bins that are capable of containing or withstanding a serious bomb blast.  The bins are very expensive, but if they end up making any money, 1% of that will be donated to the World Wildlife Federation

Beer Bottle Temple Builders

A group of Buddhist Monks in Sisaket, Thailand collected very large numbers of bottles to build the Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew temple.  As long as you make sure to wash off the labels, the walls become patterned stained glass windows.

Making paper out of poo

Much pooh contains lots of fiber; paper is made of fiber.  You can make paper out of horse, sheep, moose, panda, donkeys, and more.

My favorite is Mr. Ellie Pooh who makes elephant pooh into paper made into beautiful stationery products.


Freegans believe food should be free: that is a right and should accessible to all.  They also see our society as creating way too much waste.  Freegans set their lifestyle by collecting food and other necessary products from any place they can.  This includes dumpster diving, but can also include field gleaning or anything else in order to recycle perfectly good food.

Art Cars

Have a bunch of stuff and don’t know what to do with it?  Glue it to a car, just make it look pretty.  The art car phenomenon was beautifully unhip before recycling ever was.

Weekly heroes: Four on the floor edition

The Pontiac GTO, also known as the Goat, rules in the annals of the American Muscle Car.  Well, not the current one, but this one:

This very car was modified by a crew of green gearheads from Bad Ass Gas to run on compressed natural gas (CNG).  CNG is the cleanest running of the current alternative fuels for cars.  They then drove the car the full distance of Route 66.

Why do I love this?  This shows again that being green doesn’t mean giving things up, and it does mean you can have a lot of fun figuring out new ideas as you tinker with them.  What’s next?  How about a Bad Ass Gas Trans Am?

It may not be the perfect solution, but as for now, it’s one bad-ass idea!