Breakfast anyone?

Sometimes they are lying to you.  And you know they are lying to you.  You just don’t know when, where, or how they are lying to you.  Why is pretty certain, they are trying to sell you something.

All products labelled “organic” (or, worse, “natural”) are not equal.  Some are just organic by technicalities.  The consumer does not know who to trust.  To combat that, the Cornucopia Institute (an organization devoted to preserving small family farming) has created a list of scorecards for:

How organic really is your cereal?

How organic, free-range, and well-managed are your eggs?

Organic, small scale chicken-farming (from the Cornucopia Institute.)

How organic, human, and sustainable is your dairy?

Organic, but not sustainable (from the Cornucopia Institute)

How organic and sustainably managed is your soy?

They surveyed brands for such things as additives, farmer relations, strength of certification, and purchasing programs and rated the results on a score of 5 (high ) to 0 (low).

In a time when we could all use some help in deciphering the commercial messages we receive, these ratings are a useful, helpful tool.  The main remaining problem is that it’s still up to the consumer to have to research every product we buy, when the burden really should be on the maker to show their product is healthy and good.