Weekly heroes: With a machete edition

Some folks say that environmentalists don’t have a sense of humor.  Other put greens and hunters / fishers on opposite side of arguments.  And, just sometimes, a hero comes along wearing an old trash can filled with nails and wielding home-made Wolverine claws while riding water-skis.  And they prove everyone else wrong.

In Illinois (and much of the rest of the Midwest) several invasive species of Asian carp are wreaking havoc in the waterways and headed toward Lake Michigan.  The Army Corps of Engineers have built an electrified barrier in Chicago.  Illinois is working to allow fishers to donate cleaned and de-boned fish to food pantries   (with the biggest problem being the de-boning.)  Additionally, these fish have a personally vendetta against you and will leap from the water to slap you upside the head.

Image from Prairie State Outdoors

What we need, from all of this, is something to bind us together in the protection of our environment, perhaps something like Snake Whacking Day. I give you the fine young men from Peoria Carp Hunters.

And, these folks will take you out on the Illinois River and teach you the ever-so-fun basics of endangered species removal – largely using a compound bow.

Asian Carp are a problem that is immediate and tangible. It’s not far away in space like the Amazon or in time like global climate change.  Any of us can start working on it today – with a fishing line, a bow, or even a trash can covered in nails wielding Wolverine claws.  Bravo to the young men at Peoria Carp Hunters for bringing some joy into it.